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Tasting menu, March 2021

"Calçots" mouse.

Baked artichoke. with black pudding cream.
- Chard cream.wiht beetroot cubes.
Scrambled tender garlic with truflle oil.

Main Course:

- Trout with fennel saluce.
- Stewed ossobuco. 
Pork ribs with orange.


- Cheese cake with exotic fruits sauce.
- Sheep yogurt with grapefruit.
Tangerine and coconut cubes.

Water, soft drinks, house white, rosé and red wine, coffee, infusions .

Price: 29€, TAX includded
  Mousse de Calçots  
"Calçots" Mousse
Carxofa al forn amb cremós
Baked artichokes

Chard cream with beetroot cubes
Remenat d'alls tendres
Trufllel scrambled tender garlic
Truita de riu amb fonoll
Trout with fennel sauce
Ossobuco estofat
Stewed Ossobuco 
Costella de porc amb taronja
Porc ribs with orange
Pastis de Formatge
Cheese cake with exotic fruits sauce
Sorbet de Tatonja
Sheep yogurt with grapefruit
Daus de Taronja i cocoTangerine and coconut cubes
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