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Stars night at the Santuari Ecològic de Gallifa


On Saturday July 20, at 9 in the evening, the fourth edition of "NIT DEL ESTELS" will be held at the Gallifa Ecological Sanctuary. The Board of Trustees following the success of the previous years, wants to repeat the opportunity to approach the universe and its mysteries. We would ask you, that within your possibilities, spread the activity.

Fourth edition of:


50 years after the arrival of man to the Moon

- Conference by Albert Morral, astrophysicist of the Sabadell Astronomical Group

On the night of July 20, the first humans will step on the Moon for 50 years. This is a historic milestone, one of the greatest scientific, technological and human adventures of humanity. It was the culmination of the so-called Space Race.

- Observation with a telescope of the sky (moon, planets, stars, galaxies and constellations)

As you may know, Mossèn Josep Dalmau, founder of the Ecological Sanctuary of Gallifa, left us on September 5th. The Ecological Sanctuary Board wishes to continue and keep alive the founding principles that inspired the priest: Christianity, ecology and Catalanity.

Patronat del Santuari Ecològic de Gallifa 
Further information:  678 77 91 27 (Gregori) 649.94.83.50 Joana /
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